It's A Grave New World

A Solo Exhbition by Melvin (Grave) Guzman

In 2018, ABXY introduced the Harlem-born artist, presenting his first solo exhibition, entitled “A GRAVE NEW WORLD.” Co-curated by Guzman and ABXY founder, Allison Barker   “A GRAVE NEW WORLD,” explored the dark side of industrialized fashion, featuring artwork created exclusively from luxury waste. By saturating the gallery in his signature assemblages of found materials (ranging from sculpture, to collage, to works on canvas, leather, and tarp), the artist’s installation satirized the psychological intensity of our image driven world while highlighting the fluid relationship between environment and identity. The exhibition also included a site specific collaboration between Guzman and guest artist Brian Ellingson. Before entering “A GRAVE NEW WORLD,” visitors of ABXY must pass through their “4-D” artwork of sculpture, light, sound and time, entitled “Fantasy Island.”