ZEEHAN WAZED (b. 1991) With a background in perceptual psychology, artist Zeehan Wazed explores the philosophical side of mathematics in his mind bending paintings and drawings. Wazed often incorporates the principles of topology and shape theory into his work – areas of mathematics, which analyze concepts like space, dimension, and transformation. The artist executes his work while considering these miraculous mathematical equations that describe how shapes are able to bend and stretch, producing mesmerizing images, which highlight our innate ability to find patterns and associations everywhere we look.

Artist Statement

“Life is not linear: nothing’s ever as simple as getting from point A to point B. There are many tangents that lie in between, some of which can appear offsetting. However, in stepping back to adopt a broader perspective, it becomes clear to us that these supposed excursions in our lives were not arbitrary but predestined. This realization becomes apparent to us when the seemingly unrelated facets of our lives artfully converge to shape a large picture. Reflecting upon my past, I witnessed my passion for psychology, freestyle dance, and painting infuse to make me the artist I am today.”

Artist ig: @zeehanwazed