With a background in perceptual psychology, artist ZEEHAN WAZED (b. Libya 1991) explores the philosophical side of mathematics in his mind bending paintings, sculptures, choreography and creative new media works. Wazed often incorporates the principles of topology and shape theory into his work – areas of mathematics, which analyze concepts like space, dimension, and transformation. Inspired by freestyle dance, graffiti, motion, materiality, and perception, Wazed counts Frank Stella, Jose Parla, Alexander Calder, and Retna as influences on his various technical practices.



Artist Statement



“I’ve always been fascinated by gyroscopic shapes, interplanetary and molecular orbits, galaxies within galaxies...I have a 3D view of the Kharmic Wheel. I find meaning in everything. I am interested in the way time, place and movement intersect...the moments, which together form the trajectories of our lives, these strange pathways leading towards an ever unknowable future, those are the lines you see in my work.

A lot of my dexterity in painting comes from dancing. The lines, muscle memory, and coordination converts on to canvas for me, like dancing with a can of spray paint.

Technology is so important, not only because it allows me to create that link between my choreography and my visual work in AR; technology is also essential in creating some of my sculptures. For me, creating these structures wouldn’t be feasible through any other process. Only with the combination of virtual reality and 3D printing would anyone who is not an experienced engineer be able to create structures with level of intricacy, these particular angles and interlocking structures.

All of my practices come together. In my work, I want to create that momentous feeling you get when you see something and sense you’re synchronized with your life or aligned with your faith at that precise moment. I want to viewer to think about the energy and sense of forward motion that experience creates.

Life is not linear: Nothing’s ever as simple as getting from point A to point B. There are many tangents that lie in between, some of which can appear offsetting. However, in stepping back to adopt a broader perspective, it becomes clear to us that these supposed excursions in our lives were not arbitrary but predestined. This realization becomes apparent to us when the seemingly unrelated facets of our lives artfully converge to shape a large picture. Reflecting upon my past, I witnessed my passion for psychology, freestyle dance, and painting infuse to make me the artist I am today.

Artist ig: @zeehanwazed







Neuberger Berman Celebrates Black History Month, Group Exhibition | Neuberger Berman Global Headquarters | Manhattan, New York


Momentum, Solo Exhibition | ABXY Gallery | New York City

Filling in the Blanks Benefit Auction| Glen Arbor Golf Club | Bedford, New York

Salon de Printemps,Group Exhibition | Fabio Scalia | SoHo, New York 



NOW WE HERE, Group Exhibition | ABXY Gallery | Lower East Side, NYC

Art In Motion, Group Exhibition, Monticello Motor Club | Monticello, New York

Filling in the Blanks Benefit Auction| Glen Arbor Golf Club | Bedford, New York